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Click n Collect
Click n Delivery

Available Options:
Click n collect from a specified store location. Click n delivery to a specific address by
delivery service agents.
Delivery by courier.


Connect to your prefered delivery agent.
Set up costs for, minimum basic, drive time and distance travelled.

delivery addresses

Customers can add multiple addresses for delivery like
“Holiday home”.


Coupon management system built-in.
Generate and issue coupons to customers.
Redeemable by customers on the “checkout” screen.

Multiple Store

Multiple store locations allowed.
Delivery costs calculated from selected “store”.
Specify multiple delivery areas.

Admin Panel

You will quickly adapt.
As long as you know your way around a keyboard basic Windows, Excel and Word.
Maximum two-hour tutorial.


Promotion management panel (start date, stop date, was price, now price). “On Promo” product highlight icon. On promotion landing screen.

Customer friendly

Responsive customer friendly navigation. It just works. Don't believe us try one of our live sites now!
Awesome Image
Awesome Image

Powerful, Easy to use features. allows for an instant and effortless shopping experience.

  • Online customer "help" chat.
  • Customer "login" and "registration" panel with order history.
  • Order confirmation email sent to the customer's address.
  • Customers land on the promotion product page.
  • Promotion products are highlighted with was/is price description.
  • Facility to load your in-store promotional leaflets or information pamphlets.
  • Product category and subcategory feature.
  • Cumulative total check out cart on the header line.
  • Responsive search function.
  • Multiple pack size choice per product.
  • Customer coupon feature (Send customers coupons they can redeem on the site).
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Interact with Customers
Facebook, Instagram and Twitter link ready to go.

Subscribe to our “live online customer care desk” allow our experienced operators to manage customer queries immediately.

Get Started

See Our Pricing Plans
To Suit Your Needs.

Set up cost may vary with each website but we charge the following rates.


Site licence

  • Yearly software upgrades included
  • Site “down” support included
You Choose the Plan 24hrs turnaround time


Domain and 1x email fee

  • Site content back up included
  • 1 x Admin panel user included
You Choose the Plan Let us register your domain


Secure site fee

  • 1 x Store site included
  • 300 products included
You Choose the Plan U.S hosted server


Site licence

  • Yearly software upgrades included
  • Site “down” support included
You Choose the Plan 24HRS TURNAROUND TIME


Domain and email

  • Site content back up included
  • 1 x Admin panel user included


Secure site fee

  • 1 x Store site included
  • 300 products included
You Choose the Plan U.S hosted server

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How does a customer place an order on my retailsite?

Customer will log onto your retailsite, browse through the products available.
Add the products and quantities they wish to purchase using the "+" and "-" then select "add to cart".
Once they are done click on the “cart” icon at the top of the page.
View their cart contents and make any required changes.
Click on "checkout".
Complete their delivery or collection information (they can enter multiple delivery addresses). Read and agree to the terms and conditions (tick box).
Click on "checkout" to submit their order.
Check one final time and click on "order now"
their order will be confirmed via email.

How does delivery work and how much does it cost?

Depending on your delivery agent. Only orders above a specified limit will qualify for the delivery option. All deliveries will be charged depending on delivery distance form your depots. Delivery charges can be reduced as the value of the order is increased.

What form of payment is acceptable?

The system caters for debit cards, credit cards and eft payment.

How will my customer know what they bought?

A copy of their shopping list including the total cost of their purchase and delivery fee will be emailed to both you and your customer.

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About US

We have recently acquired the rights to distribute and support the e-commerce web site platform within South Africa. We are very excited with this easy to use, and effective e-commerce business solution. The setup and daily management have proved to be extraordinarily business-friendly. The customer experience is simple, with a delivery and payment platform immediately available.

The pricing structure allows for a negligible upfront set up cost. The low monthly license fee is what makes the most business sense to all that encounter the product.


Retailsite is division of AJP Advance. The division was started some three years ago with the intent to manage and support the group's social media, marketing and IT needs. It has since developed into a business division of its own and has grown into a fully-fledged technology, and IT support enterprise.

AJP ADVANCE specializes in the social media space and has recently increased its scope by adding web and application development competencies. It counts some multinationals as clients and is proud of the status it has achieved in such a small time frame. It has a team of 15 dedicated staff and a core of international and local affiliates that support its client base.

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